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Holidays taken during term time update - 16 May 2016

Cheshire West and Chester’s Legal Services department are reviewing the full judgement of the High Court in respect of the Isle of Wight Local authority’s appeal in which the Court found in favour of the parent, Mr Platt, along with any guidance issued from the Department of Education. In the meantime, pending the outcome of this review

  • the Council will not issue any more Fixed Penalty Notices for the time being for unauthorised leave of absence;
  • those cases currently listed for hearing in the Magistrates’ court pending a further decision, will be adjourned; 
  • the Council will not make any repayments to parents who have been issued and have paid penalty notices. Those Fixed Penalty Notices issued prior to the High Court judgment handed down on Friday 13 May, were done so correctly and in accordance with the law as it then stood; and 
  • as Headteacher I will consider any requests for a leave of absence from school during term time as per the requirements in the current regulations i.e. as to whether there are any ‘exceptional circumstances’ for the request and authorise/not authorise as appropriate. Any requests for Fixed Penalty Notices will still be sent through to the Council, but will be placed on hold until the Council receive further clarification from our Legal Services.  
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