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School Strategy 2023 - 2024

Statement of Intent 



Provide the best possible opportunities for every pupil across all areas of the curriculum. 


Knowing, caring for, listening to and noticing every child

A shared belief that Together Everyone Achieves More 

Providing the highest quality of education delivered through an innovative & inclusive curriculum model 

Being wildly ambitious for every child


Ensure our children are equipped with the skills and motivation neccesary to contribute to the community, show understanding of global challenges & flourish in a complex world. 


Critical success factors 


CSF 1  We need a strategic approach for personal development & wider opportunities that champions all pupils
CSF 2  We need secure systems that accurately measure the effectiveness of the Curriculum 
CSF 3  We need pupils able to clearly and confidently express themselves 
CSF 4  We need clear leadership and school business management structures 
CSF 5  We need skilled Learning Coaches able to support the needs of all pupils 
CSF 6  We need enabling and inclusive environments for all pupils 
CSF 7  We need Expert Teachers trained and equipped with the necessary skills, tools and understanding 
CSF 8  We need aligned strategic systems and planning mechanisms 


Whole School Projects 2023 -2024


  • We will introduce a whole school Oracy project in order to improve the oracy skills of all pupils from starting points by the end of Summer Term 2024 
  • We will train every TEAM member in LWL principles relating to backwards planning and child engaged assessment to improve learning process and pupil engagement by Summer Term 2
  • We will train all subject leaders in the 'book study approach' to ensure a strong evidence based monitoring programme that will continue to improve outcomes and test the effectiveness of all curriculum areas by Spring 2024
  • We will introduce a new whole school formative assessment and target tracking system to further refine pupil data analysis by the end of Spring Term 2024
  • We will train senior leaders, teachers and learning coaches in MITA principles to improve outcomes for all groups of learners by Summer 2024
  • We will introduce a Learning Coach model of pupil support to align intervention with pupil specific need by the end of Autumn 2023
  • We will document our Personal Development and wider opportunity strategy for all pupils to ensure clarity and consistency across our whole school offer by the end of Autumn 2023
  • We will introduce 4 additional outdoor play areas to enhance collaborative play opportunities for all pupils by Spring 2024
  • We will increase engagement and scaffolding within the environment for SEN pupils by Spring 2024
  • We will review and refine Leadership and SBM structures and systems to ensure consistency, definition of roles and administrative stability by Spring 2024
  • We will implement the SQM methodology to improve strategic planning and evaluation across all subjects led by competent Middle Leaders in Summer Term 2024
  • We will review, evaluate and update EYFS curriculum documents and assessment policy to ensure that sequences of learning across the FS curriculum are explicitly clear from FS1 to the end of FS2 to all stakeholders and curriculum end points feed directly to the Year 1 programme of study







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